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I know how you feel! I’ve been fit, I’ve been fat, I’ve been younger, I’ve been lazy, I’ve had goals but as I age (I’m now 51), working on my health doesn’t seem to get any easier. Maybe it’s a bit like that for you? My husband, Tom and I have exercised regularly all of our adult lives. Early on, exercise was more sport driven. For example, softball and racquetball, then as we aged, fitness became the focus versus exercising just for fun. This led to cycling, running, and weight training. Today we are still cycling and lifting weights even though it may look different than 20 years ago. Now we also make time for stretching and yoga. The foods we eat have also changed over time. We know now that our diets are the foundation of our health.

In 2004, we opened a small cycling and training studio in downtown Gillette, Wyoming, called Training in Motion. Four years later we leaped with faith into a full service gym. Since the day we opened, Labor Day weekend 2008, our gym, allDimensions, has grown in all areas of exercise. Our last expansion being a mind body space to stretch and practice yoga. I want everyone to find some type of exercise that not only works for them, but to find what they love and enjoy. To help you, whether or not you are young (18 or older of course), older, fit or wanting to get fit, we offer nutritional suggestions, cardio and strength conditioning classes, we have big weights, small weights, machines, bars, weight and cardio equipment, lots of accessories and tools for you to use to get strong, lean, fast and healthy; Whatever it is that you are looking for and in a place you feel comfortable coming to.

Barb Hammerquist

All Walks of Life

  • Mom – Lindsey Albin
  • Streetbike Rider – Johathan Osborne
  • Nurse – Misti Braun
  • Snowmobilers – Shawn & Doreen Heuck
  • Yoga – Alana Davis
  • Cross Country Skier – Cindy Wageman
  • Golfer – Kirk Wasson
  • Doctor – Ian Swift
  • Realtor – Ryan Conklin
  • Personal Trainer – Barb Hammerquist
  • Fireman – John Pafford
  • Motocross – Kris Mindrum
  • Community Service Officer – Steve Wageman
  • Weightlifter – Chad Gill
  • Downhill Skier – Amos Cathey
  • Runner – Kylie Hughes
  • Racecar Driver – Marty Erivez
  • Attourney – John Cotton
  • Deputy – Kyle Rhoades
  • Cyclist – Tom Hammerquist
  • Snowboarder – Chris Jensen
  • Roller Derby – Amber Scott


I love this place. It’s quiet and I get to workout how I want.Matt Goracke | Mechanic, Arch Coal
From my first visit to allDimensions – over four years ago, I knew there was something different about this gym than other gyms I’ve been to. Until very recently, I thought it was the encouraging and supportive environment that really made this place “different”. It’s something much more than that. After experiencing a very serious diagnosis less than two months ago, I’ve learned what my membership to allDimensions really means. Not only has my physical health and well-being reached and surpassed any goals I imagined for myself, I’ve become a member of a “family”. Facing my fears in my battle with cancer has been much easier with the love and support, I’ve received from Tom and Barb and every member of their gym. I know my journey would not have been the same without my gym family backing me every step of the way, now and always.Melissa Gideon | Nurse, Surgery Center
Exercising by myself doesn’t work very well for me, so when the summer schedule didn’t include noon spinning classes I was a little worried. I went and tried out your cycling videos at the gym and was very impressed!!! Thanks Barb👍Cheryl Uhler | Retired and lovin life!
allDimensions is more than just another local gym. Barb and the staff are always there to help with questions, tips, or advice. I came to this gym three years ago, not exactly knowing what I wanted out of a gym membership. Barb treats the members more like a family rather than someone just wanting our business. With all the extra classes, cross fit and all the equipment – treadmills, spinning bikes, squat racks and benches, there is plenty of equipment for everyone’s needs – there is something for everyone! Barb is always making a point to grow the gym and to offer what members want. Members are helpful, spotting when needed. I’ve gained knowledge AND friends. This gym is more than just a place to work out, and now working out has become more than just a hobby. I’d think with so many people working swing shifts a 24 hour gym would be nice. When other gyms are closed on holidays, cleaning or any other reason they shut their doors, allDimensions is open and ready for when you need a workout! I will continue to come here because of the friendly atmosphere and all the great people who come here.Chris Hahn | Detention Officer, Sheriffs Office
I’ve been a member at allDimensions since April of 2013. Since I’ve been here I have lost over 50lbs, competed in numerous sporting events including triathlons and half marathons. Before joining allDimensions I never, in my wildest dreams, dreamt I’d have the desire and ability to do all these things. None of this could have been possible without the support and encouragement from Barb, her staff and my gym friends. The time I’ve spent here has been life changing. I’m convinced that the benefits you gain from leading an active and healthier lifestyle are priceless!Curt Shatzer | Operations Manager, Northland Industrial Specialties
I love having the flexibility of being able to go to a class whenever it fits into my schedule. I love it.Michelle Geffre | Self-Employed, LifeVantage Independent Distributor